Covid-19, God, & Us

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic on 30 January of this year and it was then where […]

No Longer Glorious

Ashamed as I am, there were days when I felt nothing but apathy towards my salvation. I find […]

When the Going Gets Tough

We turn to our friends, we seek out our vices and coping mechanisms, we drown ourselves in work […]

How sin grows on you

Last year, I noticed a little pimple-like bump on my leg. I thought little of it, slathered some […]

God is not a Capricious God

The clock has strike 12 and fireworks have gone off. Welcome, 2018. All over the world, people ushered […]

Social Media and Ministry

Studies have shown that heavy usage of social media is linked to depression. Are you surprised by the […]

Following Jesus: 3-2-1

Came across today, a book from Rev. Tan Soo Inn, entitled “3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes”. It talks about the […]

First words

To walk in the light is an exciting journey, yet a strangely, a heavy one. It is one […]