Following Jesus: 3-2-1

Came across today, a book from Rev. Tan Soo Inn, entitled “3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes”. It talks about the practice of coming together to build spiritual friendships, in threes.

Spiritual friendship is a relationship, not a programme…

He also shared that spiritual friendship is a relationship, not a programme. 4 words were used to describe this approach of building spiritual friendship in the foreword:

  1. Simple – Conversation with friend;
  2. Doable –  Three people, meeting two hours, once a month is possible with our busy urban life;
  3. Necessary – The deep connections provides us the environment to be transformed to be more Christ-like.
  4. Purposeful – This is done in balanced way to share our joys and challenges, help each other discern God’s will for our life, apply our faith to family, work, and society, and to intercede in prayer for one another.

“Three friends meeting over a meal is an achievable way to experience spiritual friendship. “3-2-1” is a simple summary of the concept — three friends meeting two hours one time a month over a meal. “3-2-1” is also an easy catchphrase for people to remember the concept.”, shares the author.

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